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RWE launches first collection in July, 2021: Affordable luxury lounge and activewear options for women and men .

Currently, the fast fashion industry monopolizes much more of each American family’s annual budget than it should…$1,700 to be exact. The idea that one spends this much per year for clothing that trends for a single season is ludicrous, yet many consumers find themselves purchasing item after item which they wear only once or twice, if at all. It’s easy to get caught up in the trend cycle, and companies are more than willing to offer cheap solutions that quickly fall apart.  Why should a high profit fashion business care about delivering quality items to customers who are looking for an answer to a fast cheap trend?  It’s up to us to adjust our spending choices in order to bring about positive change within the industry.

According to Forbes and other business industry sites, a common theme for clothing budget advice over the past few years is for consumers to invest in quality items that will last a long time and continue to give pleasure both in comfort and individual style. Although some fashion companies have begun to offer products to meet these new demands, RWE is the first to offer this kind of quality for lounge and activewear.

RWE’s  had a complete vision from start to finish for each individual item. Inspired by the gladiators of ancient Rome, she began her journey with fabric itself, which she invented exclusively for RWE products. The fabric construction is the highest quality available for flexibility, comfort, and longevity, allowing each item to be washed and worn over and over again without signs of wear and tear.  Every detail of luxury is included from start to finish including color consistency, needle-sharp images, and pattern continuity produced by a revolutionary digital printing technique. Most importantly, RWE values unique personal style over fashion–something that remains timeless no matter what’s trending. To learn more about the RWE’s mission and  innovative process from start to finish, check out

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